Hello Collage Families and Friends! My name is Lisa and I am a new intern here at Collage. I am from Ramsey, New Jersey, which is a small town about 20 minutes from New York City. I attend the University of South Carolina, where I am an elementary education major, thriving to help children succeed in the most positive way that I can. My study abroad program paired me with Collage and it has been the perfect fit. My main goal as a future teacher is to make sure that all of my students feel comfortable and at home every single day that they walk into my classroom. I have only been at Collage for three days, and I already know that this Dynamic English classroom fulfills that goal as well. The children at Collage are learning at all different levels, but the small size of each classroom allows each child to gain their own individual support in order to develop the English language. The children in the Dynamic classroom are so eager to learn and their motivation has inspired me to learn more of their language, as they learn mine.

So far, I have been able to assist Yasmin and Alice in two of their classes. I have learned a lot about being an educator in the three years that I have attended college, but I have learned a severe amount in just the few days I have been at Collage. Yasmin and Alice have demonstrated different ways to approach effective learning, and the children have fully immersed me into the nature and culture of Barcelona. Learning is always more effective when it is done first-hand, and I know that by the end of my two months here at Collage, I will take away a lot more than what I came here expecting. I hope to help Collage administration in bringing some ideas that I have learned in the United States, while taking away completely unique and exciting experiences that are rare to be a part of. Thank you Collage and Collage families for allowing me to be a part of this program and working with your children! I will be at Collage Monday’s through Thursday’s from 14:30- 19:30.


Lisa from Ramsey, New Jersey, USA