What began as two women’s dream on a bike ride one fateful night in Gràcia, blossomed into a dynamic learning community.

Collage was founded in 2005 as a creative learning space offering multi-disciplinary, hands-on English language learning programs. Collage’s goal has always been to remain small and dedicated to each and every student. We recognize the individual learning styles of everyone, regardless if they are 1 year-old or 65 years-old.

Our programs were created with the students in mind. A teacher:student ratio of no more than 1:5 coupled with maximum of 10 students in a class means that we are always able to individualize the learning experience for every student and allow them to progress at their own pace. Our programs have been developed over a decade of hands-on experience, building programs that have proven effective to both learn English and respect every student’s learning style and rhythm. Our goal is for our students to assimilate English naturally and learn it fully, as well as having fun with it! Loving it. Seeing it as a tool, not as simply a line on their future CV.

That’s why English isn’t just taught at Collage; it comes to life at Collage!. Whether you know a few simple words or if you are completely bilingual, we are always willing to practice with you. We teach English in a natural and fun way, using it organically to create a unique space where English is the tool to build a funky piece of art, rehearse a funny piece of theatre, play a fun, energetic game, write a poem, or simply ask for more blue paint.


*Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that you will not walk out of Collage without glitter in your hair, a silly chant stuck in your head or a smile on your face.


Emilie Delcourt (Co-Founder and Director)

Originally from the United States, Emilie has called Barcelona her home since 2002. She has worked in the field of arts-based education since 2000, and has been developing arts-based ESL programs in Barcelona since 2004. She co-founded Collage along with Kate Simer in 2005, and since then she has developed and co-developed language learning programs, overseen and trained over 60 teachers, worked with countless public schools in Barcelona (plus one in the US), and has never ceased to be amazed by the power of creativity and hands-on learning. Emilie considers herself a lifelong learner and an advocate for children and alternative education, as well as community space. Emilie is also a writer, translator and poet, and she co-edits Barcelona’s only English language literary magazine, parentheses.  She is the mama of Pau and partner of Joan, both of whom she likes to explore and get lost with!


Over the past ten years Collage has had an incredible, dedicated team of native English-speaking educators. Collage teachers are trained English teachers with experience leading groups of toddlers, children and adults, and, even more importantly, they are embodiments of the saying, ‘Do what you love.’

Community and communication are key words at Collage, and we pride ourselves on staying true to this mission. Collage teachers come from rich and varied backgrounds – fine arts, theatre, elementary and nursery education, cooking, photography and much more – and we believe this adds to the richness and community aspect of Collage. Above all the teaching team at Collage is dedicated to their students and always available to speak one-on-one with parents and students to ensure an optimal and comfortable learning environment.