April 5, 2016

The Little Actors had a calm day today. After playing their remixed, blindfolded version of “Marco Polo” they reviewed what they learned from class. Ela quickly reviewed the five W’s and then described different ways they can be used to give a description of someone or something. The kids chimed in and gave their own examples like: body smell, hair type, height, etc. She then helped the kids phrase questions in a way that would yield descriptive answers. These questions were similar to: What color is his/her eyes? How tall is he/she? How tall is he/she? etc.  After this review session, Ela brought out the school Ipad.

With the school Ipad, she went onto google and started browsing different images of famous people. When she found a good image she would show it to the class and ask them to describe the person they were looking at. Famous people that were searched up included Messi, Shakira, Ronaldo, Dora the Explorer, etc. The kids then commented on anything they wanted to from their hair, height, eyes, skin and a variety of other things. Through listening to the kids responses it was evident that they comprehended the lesson fully.

After a few minutes of this, we went along to play a game called, “Guess Who?” With a pencil, the kids wrote random famous names of well known people onto individual sticky notes (i.e. Harry Potter, Emma Watson, Harrison Ford, etc.). There were 8 sticky notes in total, one for everyone in class. When the names were written down they were placed on anyone’s forehead without the person seeing who was written on it. When all of us were done being assigned a sticky note, the game started. Going around the group circle, counterclockwise, each person asked a yes or no question about who they could possibly be. The questions ranged from, “Am I or movie start?” to “How tall am I?”. About half of us were able to guess who are person was before the end of the class while some of us ran out of time. It was a really enjoyable game that everyone fully participated in.