With 5 weeks left until Christmas, the students at Collage are busy getting ready for their grand production of the Nutcracker. Last week, while the Little Actors rehearsed their scenes, Dynamic English began working on the programs. Programs, also known as Playbills, are an important factor in a theatre production. They act as guides and introductions for a play. Each student in Dynamic English took charge of one page in the program. So get ready! When you come see the play, you’ll be holding in your hands the work of the Dynamic English students!

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Along with designing the programs, Dynamic English interviewed each of the little actors so that they can fill the programs with fun information! They learned important questions to ask during an interview.



In the Little Actors classroom, students were busy with rehearsal! Each actor was working hard on saying his or her lines. While this may seem like an individual improvement, working on a play is very much a group effort! Each actor depends on the other to put on a stellar performance.


Despite all the hard work that goes into putting on a play, we also have time for fun! :)

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Until next week!