We know you were all eagerly waiting, so here it is! All the info regarding our 2017 Summer Camp!

Registration opens on April 20th! We give a discount for early registration (before May, 20th).


DATES: June 26th – July 28th
September 4th – 8th

AGES: 4 – 13

FULL DAY HOURS: Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm
MORNING HOURS: Mon – Fri, 9am – 2pm
*pick-up time begins at 1:30pm/5:30pm

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Since 2005, Collage has offered a fun-filled English summer camp where kids can explore their creativity through an array of exciting and educational hands-on activities, including art, games, music, theatre and movement. Our team of experienced, native English speaking teachers works hand-in-hand with our students to create the perfect English immersion environment.

Collage summer camp is open to both native and non-native English speakers, ranging from 4 to 13 years old. Groups are divided by age, as well as English level, to ensure that all children are comfortable, as well as challenged. Additionally, with a teacher/student ratio of no more than 1:5, Collage offers kids the specialized attention they need to practice their English, explore their creativity, make new friends and most of all… have fun!


This year, the Collage summer camp will be divided into 6 individually themed weeks, chock full of creative, fun ways to explore both the English language and each camper’s curiosity and interests. Prepare your brushes and berets because Week 1 we will be diving into the world of the Great Artists! (And becoming ones ourselves!) On Friday we will inaugurate the Collage Art Gallery with an extra special opening. Week 2 is our Sustainable Fashion+Photography week: 5 days to become designers, photographers and models of wearable art with recycled materials. Come ready to be dazzled and delighted in our Friday Catwalk & Photo Exhibit! Week 3 is our Mystery Theatre week. Pack your spy kit now, because this week will be full of mysteries to solve and clues to create… the big question remains: on Friday will the parents be able to resolve our mystery in time??? Sharpen your pencils and dog-ear your favorite books, because Week 4 is our Little Bookmakers week. A week of Art & Writing, culminating in a Friday Storytelling session at the first Collage Bookshop! Every little author will go home with their very own book fresh off the Collage Press! Ahoy, it’s not over yet! July will wrap up stranded on Pirate Island… Can the campers figure out how to get off the island? Will they want to?? Week 5 is our Pirate Island Puppet week – we can’t divulge any more – you’ll just have to come to our Friday puppet show presentation to see for yourself! (Stay tuned for our September theme!)

Over the course of summer camp at Collage, younger students will soak up new vocabulary while making arts+crafts, dressing up, solving mysteries, listening to stories and hitting the stage for their turn in the spotlight. At the same time, older students will engage in the practical use of English with special guests, field trips and unique projects that challenge their oral and written use of the language. All students will have the chance to collaborate with their teachers and personalize their week to both their interests and language-learning needs.

If you want your children to be active participants in their summer experience, learning what they truly want to be learning, then the Collage summer camp is for you!

*Healthy snacks provided at 10:30am and 5pm
*Children that stay all day should bring a brown bag lunch

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Please, contact us for more info!