This week was the last our volunteers came to help us out. They were here in Barcelona for 3 months and now it’s time to go back home. We’ve been talking about the jungle, but the Wednesday groups took a moment to say “good-bye” to Rita and Celeste with a little interview. Here are some of the questions and answers:


Joel: Do you have a dog?
Celeste: Yes. Her name is Gussie.

Joel: Would you like to have a son or a daughter some day?
Celeste: Yes, I want to have both, when I’m older.

Júlia: What’s your favorite animal?
Celeste: I like penguins.

Júlia: Do you smoke?
Celeste: No!!!

Ariadna: Do you have brothers or sisters?
Celeste: Yes, I have an older brother.

Ariadna: What do you study?
Celeste: Finance.

Alex: What do you study?
Rita: Finance.

Alex: Why did you come to Collage?
Rita: Because I love children and I thought it would be a cool experience.

Arnau: Did you travel much in Europe?
Rita: Yes, I went to Italy, Prague, Portugal, Rome…

Arnau: Which do you like best, Miami or Barelona?
Rita: Miami, it’s my home.

Guillem: How do you know each other?
Rita: We are friends, Celeste and I share an apartment in Miami.

Guillem: Did you do a lot of things in Barcelona?
Rita: Yes, I went to many places, like Sagrada Familia and some museums.


Thanks girls! It was nice having you with us! Have a nice trip back home!