COLLAGE offers creative, hands-on workshops for adults. Please contact us for schedule information.

8 week workshop, 160€

Two groups:
Mondays, 7:30m-9:30pm: 25 April – 13 June
Thursdays, 11:00am-1:00pm: 28 April – 16 June

What better time of year than Spring to dust off those cameras and open up those eyes big and wide and sign up for a Photography workshop! We are very much looking forward to having Adiva back in Collage to teach another workshop. Adiva Koenigsberg is a professional photographer from NYC ( and her 8-week workshop entitled, Exploring Your Vision+Style will begin at the end of April.

Vision+Style is intended for participants looking to explore their style and vision as a photographer and improve their technical skills. This workshop will be comprised of weekly assignments based on classroom discussions, critiques, and journal writing. The course will culminate with a presentation of participants’ work. This course is intended for students with ANY type of camera, both analog and digital cameras are welcome. Sign up now, space is limited! 

Taught by Ed Smallfield 

This small, personal workshop provides a stimulating and supportive environment for the discussion and generation of writing. The two-hour sessions focus primarily on the participants’ work and writing exercises as well as published writing. The workshop inspires new work, provides constructive feedback, and encourages the participants to experiment with new approaches to writing. A reading is held at the end of every workshop allowing those who would like to share their work.
All writing levels, from beginning to advanced, are welcome.

Tuesdays: 20.00 – 22.00
*limited enrollment

What’s your story? IMPROV WORKSHOP for ADULTS

The Armando: If Improv and Storytelling had a baby! Do you find the idea of performing terrifying? Do your hands start sweating just thinking about speaking in public? Maybe you just want to play and make some new friends? Perhaps you want to improve your English or you have always thought about improvisation but never really ‘got it’. Well, then this 6-week course is definitely for you. The workshop aims to encourage and develop your performance skills through the art of personal monologues and free play. The functions of scene work and storytelling are extremely important and students will learn how to craft short and engaging stories while being able to initiate scenes with ideas inspired by these stories. Each class is personalized, engaging and encouraging! Each week we will focus on a different theme and class goal, which by week 6 we will mash together and present (if you want) in a small Armando showcase

Thursday: 20-22h *limited enrollment


Ongoing Raised and trained in Visakhapatnam, India in traditional Hatha Yoga techniques under Yogi Sadha Shiva Rao’s personal instruction, Ratna Sree offers an authentic Transformational Indian Yoga experience. Ratna will gently lead you through a personalized framework of asanas to help you create powerful and enduring alignment between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Classes taught in English.

Transformational Yoga: Mon., Tues., 19.15-20.45
Pregnancy and Post-Partum Yoga: Mon., Weds., 10-11.30