COLLAGE offers fun, educational, English-immersion camps during the school holidays.

English Summer Camp for Kids 2018

DATES: 25 June – 27 July + 3 – 7 September
AGES: 4 – 13
SCHEDULE: 9am-6pm / 9am-1:30pm (optional lunch&play: 1:30-2:30pm)
SMALL GROUPS: native and non-native English speaking groups


Since 2005, Collage has offered a fun-filled English summer camp where kids can explore their creativity through an array of exciting and educational hands-on activities, including art, games, music, theatre and movement. Our team of experienced, native English speaking teachers works hand-in-hand with our students to create the perfect English immersion environment.

Collage summer camp is open to both native and non-native English speakers, ranging from 4 to 13 years old. Groups are divided by age, as well as English level, to ensure that all children are comfortable, as well as challenged. Additionally, with a teacher/student ratio of no more than 1:5, Collage offers kids the specialized attention they need to practice their English, explore their creativity, make new friends and most of all… have fun!

This year, the Collage summer camp will be divided into 6 individually themed weeks, chock full of creative, fun ways to explore both the English language and each camper’s curiosity and interests. We begin our summer camp with a mission… Week 1 is Mission Blue! Over the course of the week we will become experts in Ocean awareness and become crafty recycled art artists! On Friday the parents will be invited to an exclusive screening of our Mission Blue video. The following week we’ll be diving into a more imaginary place.. down the rabbit hole! Week 2 is our theatre week and we’ll be transforming Collage into a wonderland. Yep, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland! Get your tickets now, Friday’s the big show! Do you hear that? That’s our campers getting into the groove! Week 3 is Moves&Grooves week, and we’ll spend the week exploring movement and music. Start stretching now, because the battle of the beats will be on Friday! Come join our epic one-week voyage into the world of Greek gods and goddesses in our Week 4 Mighty Myths week. On Friday we will invite the families to enter into this world where we will share with them our own mythological stories as well as give them a tour of our wildly imaginative hands-on projects created during the week. Week 5 is Storytelling week, and we will spend the week becoming masterful storytellers, weaving whimsical worlds and learning how to tell stories through objects. Families will join us on Friday to experience our multi-sensory storytelling.

SEPTEMBER: And we’ll give you a month break, but get ready to join us again on September 3rd for Week 6 of our summer camp: Invisible Cities. Over the course of the week campers will travel to many different cities, creating 3D maps and travel journals along the way. On Friday the families will be invited to come travel to our very own ‘Collage City’!

Over the course of summer camp at Collage, younger students will soak up new vocabulary while making arts+crafts, dressing up, moving their bodies and playing fun games, listening to stories as well as creating their own, and hitting the stage for their turn in the spotlight. At the same time, older students will engage in the practical use of English with special guests, field trips and unique projects that challenge their oral and written use of the language. All students will have the chance to collaborate with their teachers and personalize their week to both their interests and language-learning needs.

If you want your children to be active participants in their summer experience, learning what they truly want to be learning, then the Collage summer camp is for you!

*Healthy snacks provided at 10:30am and 5pm
*Children who stay for lunch should bring a brown bag lunch

9am – 6pm: 250 euros
9am – 1:30pm: 170 euros
Lunch & Play (1:30-3:00pm): 5 euros or 15 euros for the week

Please, contact us for more info!

English Summer Program for Teens 2017


Led by artist, educator and photographer, Michael Haas.

Take advantage of your summer to practice your English in a dynamic and creative environment, sharing your passions, learning some hands-on skills and telling your story to the world. These weeklong workshops are open to native and non-native English speaking teens.

Week One: My World
July 2nd – July 6th
Each person has an entire universe worth sharing, and in ‘My World’ we will have the opportunity to explore the deep reaches of our wild imagination and bring it to life. Students can build alien cities, plant magical forests, and create an entire world just their own. We will also have plenty of opportunities to practice our vocabulary on a wide range of topics. At the end of the week the class will have a chance to share their creations with the community as we invite parents and friends to experience the universes we have built for ourselves.

Week Two: Artist as Change-Maker
July 9th – July 13th
This course will focus on specific art movements and their role in their corresponding cultural shifts. Students will learn about these art movements, their effectiveness, how successful they were or were not and how they reverberate in today’s society while being encouraged to explore their own artistic abilities by developing an artwork based on each particular movement. The course visits questions such as, how has the past impacted the future? How can we build from the past and present to take us into the future? The students will explore a range of artistic techniques and materials, and they will be encouraged follow their interests. The week will culminate in a presentation of their work.

Week Three: Raise Your Voice
July 16 th – 20 th
This course is designed to allow students to take on the role of storyteller, using their own lives as inspiration. While not explicitly a memoir or autobiography class, the students will be encouraged to dive deep into their own experiences to understand the uniqueness of their own narrative voice and to find the best ways to share that story with the world. This class focuses on art as language (and language as art), and a significant amount of class time will be centered around understanding how to use the diverse elements of that language to craft a compelling story. Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of mediums and methods of creation to find what fits best with their own creative voice.

Ages: 13 – 17 years-old         //         Price: 135€/ week
10% discount for signing up for more than one week