for native and non-native English speakers

18 months – P3 with parent or caregiver

Mothers, fathers or caregivers join their child in their first steps in English, participating alongside their little one, in this playful, dynamic program. Each class is based on a specific theme tailored to the interests of this exploratory age, inviting children to freely explore the English language in a natural way. Activities include music, movement, storytelling, nursery rhymes and art.
Move and groove, get messy and enjoy this time together!

This program is open to both native English speaking and non-English speaking kids and adults.

Monday: 17-18h
Tuesday: 18-19h
Friday: 17.45-18.45

10 months – 3 years-old

Parents and Toddlers Yoga is a natural continuation of postpartum and baby yoga, with a deeper emphasis on the child.

Classes are designed as a joined practice exploring the yoga world of movement through your child’s eyes, combining songs, games and props. The practice is fun, encouraging children to maintain their curiosity in movement and the world around them as well as develop self awareness and self confidence. Suitable for children aged 10 months – 3 years old and we welcome mums, dads or any other caregiver.

Tuesday: 11.00 – 12.15

0 – 1 year-olds

Do you want to spend time with your little one but at the same time dedicate some time to you and re-activate your English in a fun and relaxed setting?

Make the most of your maternity/paternity leave with this informal conversation club for mums, dads, caregivers and their babies. The main focus of the sessions is you and your English so we’ll be speaking about topics like films, art, travel, culture etc, as well as topics chosen by the group.

For the grown ups there’ll be tea and biscuits and for little ones there’ll be toys and space for them to lie next to you or to crawl about and explore while absorbing the English they hear around them.

Your baby’s needs come first, so you can feed, change, sooth or play with your baby while carrying on with the group conversation or if you need to put them down for a nap there’s also a quiet area.

Every week we’ll do a new song in English and some short activities to include the little ones and help you find ways to practise your English with them at home.

Monday & Wednesday: 10.30 – 12.00