Classes for native English speakers

JITTERBUGS for native and non-native English speakers

18 months – P3 with parent or caregiver

Mothers, fathers or caregivers join their child in their first steps in English, participating alongside their little one, in this playful, dynamic program. Each class is based on a specific theme tailored to the interests of this exploratory age, inviting children to freely explore the English language in a natural way. Activities include music, movement, storytelling, nursery rhymes and art. Move and groove, get messy and enjoy this time together!
This program is open to both native English speaking and non-English speaking kids and adults.

Monday: 17-18h
Tuesday: 17-18h and 18-19h
Friday: 17.45-18.45

LITTLE FACES for Native English speakers
4-6 years-old

Let your imagination run wild! This is a creative arts program for children ages 4 to 6, providing an English-speaking environment for kids to explore self-expression through various fine art mediums, games, stories and activities. The classes are designed for children to deepen their English language abilities, offering a space to speak, interact and have oodles of fun with other native English speaking children and teachers. The classes are small, allowing students to receive the personalized attention of native English speaking teachers who work with them on all aspects of the English language.

Friday: 17.45-19.00
Saturday: 10.30-12.30

LITTLE ACTORS for Native English speakers

7-10 years old

A speaking-focused class where theatre and movement inspire students to use English as a tool for creative expression. During the class we develop stories, play fun theatre games in wacky costumes, and use puppets in an English-immersion environment. Role-playing games and team story building stimulates students’ imaginations and inspire kids to explore their creativity and self-expression in English. This program gives students the opportunity to interact and play with other native English-speaking children and teachers. In this program the Little Actors also work on their writing and reading skills, as they dream up, develop and write their own scripts.

Friday: 17.45-19.00

CREATIVE WRITING FOR KIDS for Native English speakers
5th grade –  4th level of ESO

Creative writing is one of the most important skills a child can learn; it stretches their imaginations and offers a positive outlet for self expression. Writing allows children to explore their own identity, fears, hopes and values, as well as helping them to learn empathy. It also develops self-esteem, discipline and persuasiveness, as well as helping children better understand grammar and build their vocabulary. This small, personalized course is offered to children between the ages of 10-14 with a high level of English. Along with writing and editing their own collection of writing, the participants will get experience critiquing other work. The trimester will culminate with a collection of published work (class chapbook), as well as a reading at Collage where the students will have the opportunity to share their work with the community.  Max. 6 students.

Wednesday: 19.15-20.30 – 5th grade to 1st level of ESO
Fridays: 16.15-17.30 – 1st – 4th level of ESO

13 – 18 year-olds
Course run by Adiva Koenigsberg

A yearlong workshop designed for teens ready to take their English and real-world skills to a new level. This three-part course will focus on the creation of images as a tool for dynamic discussions inspiring students to use photography and video as a tool for creative expression. The class is aimed at students interested in taking their learning out of the box.

Semester One – The Still Image
Using digital cameras we will discover and recreate images from the history of photography. Students will learn technical skills to create their own series of images. We will explore different ways to use photography as a means for storytelling and develop the visual vocabulary necessary to navigate and discuss our image-based world.
Semester Two – Animation
Using the photography skills learned in semester one students will learn how to use video editing software to move into the world of motion. Students will script, photograph and edit their own stop animation films.
Semester Three – Short film
This semester will be dedicated to shooting a short film. Students will work together to produce their own short films. They will learn how to script, shoot, storyboard, and edit their own projects.

Level I – 13-15 year-olds: Mondays19.15-20.30h
Level II – 16-18 year-olds: Thursdays, 19.15-20.30