for teenagers

The goal of this program is language fluency, and it is especially designed for pre-teens making the transition from elementary school (Primària) to high school (ESO), and teenagers who want to improve their overall English level and prepare for official exams in a dynamic setting. Based on “The Communicative Approach”, activities in this course focus on real-life situations based on students’ interests to motivate language learning. Through games that encourage dialogue as well as creative activities, students assimilate English in a natural and effective way. This program has a maximum number of four students per class, allowing the teacher to pinpoint each student’s specific needs with regards to the four aspects of language learning: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Parents and students receive a progress report after each trimester.

19.15-20.30 (1r-2n d’ESO)
Tuesday: 19.15-20.30 (1r-2n d’ESO)
Wednesday: 17.45 – 19h (5è-6è)
Thursday: 17.45-19h (5è-6è); 19.15-20.30 (3r-4t d’ESO)
Friday: 16.15-17.30 (3r-4t d’ESO)