Other Workshops

5th grade –  4th level of ESO

Creative writing is one of the most important skills a child can learn; it stretches their imaginations and offers a positive outlet for self-expression. Writing allows children to explore their own identity, fears, hopes and values, as well as helping them to learn empathy. It also develops self-esteem, discipline and persuasiveness, as well as helping children better understand grammar and build their vocabulary. This small, personalized course is offered to children between the ages of 10-14 with a high level of English. Along with writing and editing their own collection of writing, the participants will get experience critiquing other work. The trimester will culminate with a collection of published work (class chapbook), as well as a reading at Collage where the students will have the opportunity to share their work with the community.  Max. 6 students.

Friday: 16.15-17.30

1st grade – 1st level of d’ESO

New Course! This program is designed for students who are already enrolled in a Collage course, and who would like to specifically improve their reading and writing skills. R+W+1 is a program for native English-speaking children and children with a high level of English, and it is designed to be a compliment to the speaking-focused classes offered at Collage, so that children can learn – and enjoy! – the pleasures of reading and writing in English.  Using a variety of reading and writing techniques, as well as the students’ imaginations and needs, R+W+1 is a dynamic program that brings the world of words alive!  Divided into two levels: Young learners: 6-9 years-old; Junior learners: 10-13. Maximum 5 students.

Tuesday: 19.15-20.30 (young learners)
Thursday: 19.15-20.30 (junior learners)



COLLAGE offers private classes for adults and kids, both at Collage as well as in-home or in-office. Our classes are fun, dynamic and personalized to the needs of each student. Alongside your teacher you will come up with a personalized plan, which is tracked monthly, to best suit your needs. Classes can be organized in a schedule that works best for you: Monday – Saturday, 8am – 10pm. (Minimum class time, 1.5 hours)

Please also call us for more information about our ‘active baby-sitting’ services, a program created to fulfill the needs of our clients. Active baby-sitters are native English-speaking, Collage-trained teachers, who all have experience with children. They offer regular baby-sitting services, such as picking your child up from school, bath time, mealtime, etc., as well as active English classes. Minimum duration is 2.5 hours per session.
Please contact us for more information!