13 - 18 years old

1 trimester: Photography

2 trimester: Mixed Media

3 trimester: Artist Book

Passion Projects is a workshop that gives teens an opportunity to choose a topic that they are passionate about and teaches them how to share their perspective on that topic with the world. The course is divided into trimesters and is geared towards students with a good level of English who are interested in using and expanding their English in a real world way. The first trimester focuses on photography as a powerful tool and medium for storytelling and spreading awareness. The second takes a broader approach to the tools used, giving the students total creative control over their projects. The third and final trimester will concentrate on making Artist Books, which will give the students the tools and knowledge to share their work with their community. Each session will end with a presentation.

Monday: 19.20-20.35 (12-15 years-old)
Thursday: 19.15-20.30 (16-18 years-old)
Friday: 16.30 – 17.45 (15-18 years-old)


This program is designed for teenagers who want to practice their English through theatre. During the class we develop stories and work on skits that allow the students to use their English in an environment of creative expression. We will develop scripts, play theatre games, work on specific theatre techniques and prepare shows in a dynamic, English-immersion environment.

This class is an opportunity for students to develop both their language and theatre skills. In this program we work on all aspects of the English language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. And we have so much fun doing it!

Wednesday: 19.15-20.30 (14-18 years-old)