In class on March 1st, Ela created a lesson plan that involved the kids being active and on their feet for most of the time. The session began like it usually does with their greeting chant and then we delved right into the lesson. Amongst the various exercises performed, the kids took a lot of interest in Ela’s version of “Simon Says”, the “Pose as Something that Starts with this Letter” activity, and the main activity which was Charades.

In Ela’s version of “Simon Says” she would say a certain command and the kids would either have to touch the wall, sit on the ground, run around the class, etc. If they did the wrong motion for the command said, they would be eliminated. It was an easy concept that was used as the class warm up.

The next activity was the “Pose” activity. During this activity, Ela would yell out a letter. The kids would then have 10 to 15 seconds to pose as anything that began with that letter. After time was up, they had to tell everyone in class what they were. This activity was so hilarious and interesting. They came up with different things like a “turtle” or a “stick” and their poses were very creative.

After this second activity came the most important one which was the, “What do you do at this place?” charades. The group of five were divided into two groups. One individual was then brought to the front of the class where a bunch of large cards were laid out on the floor. The individual’s team member plus an individual from the other group stood at the back of the class and prepared to race each other to the front. Each of the cards had a certain work profession or place drawn  on it. The individual at the front then had to choose which card interested them, in their mind, and then act it out. When they were done acting, they screamed “GO” and the two at the back would have to race to the front and grab the card they believed the individual was acting out. If they chose the correct card, they would then have to create a sentence saying what the individual was doing or “acting” at the place, in English. This lasted a few rounds, and the kids got friendly competitive and into the game.

Then, in the last 5 to 10 minutes, the kids had to put everything away and then bring out their journals. In their journals, they had to turn to a new page and write down a profession, place of the profession, and the job of the profession. This profession was preferably what they wanted to be when they grow up. They then had to write a complete sentence starting with, “I want to be a(n),” and then include the three factors aforementioned, in a well organized sentence. When they were finished they were free to go home.

Here are two pictures from the session’s events. The Little Actors energy can definitely be captured in the first photo: