April 19, 2016

The Little Actors had a very productive session in class. They started off with their usual fun warm-ups and then got right into rehearsal for their upcoming play of…*drum roll please*…. Alice in Wonderland!

To begin the day, Ela introduced a new game to them called “Rabbit, Cat, Queen”. In this the game the objective is to test memorization and quickness. One pose represents each animal. In the game there are two different positions: one student is designated “it” and the rest of the class is designated “the posers”. What happens is the “posers” all stand in a straight row and face “it” who stands in front of them. The “posers” then assume the position as either a rabbit, cat, or queen. “It” has ten seconds to memorize what each of them are, in order from left to right, before “it” has to close his/her eyes and the “posers” stand up straight. When they are done re-positioning themselves, “it” then asks each of them individually, “are you a [blank]?” The blank is filled with either rabbit, cat, or queen. The poser he/she is asking then has to answer either “yes, I am” or “no, I am not”. This game was very entertaining and the kids could play it for forever. After this warm up, the class played one of their original games called,”Letters” which was explained in the previous post.

Once the warm ups and games were done, the kids went straight into rehearsing for their play that’s coming up in a few weeks. First and foremost, the whole class sat in a huge circle around the iPad as Ela played the version of “Alice in Wonderland” on YouTube that they would be acting out. After the video was over, the roles and lines were divided between all the kids evenly and fairly. The group was then split in half between me and Ela to allow for more one on one time. After we helped the kids master their lines individually for the first part of the show, we all rehearsed together as a class before the day’s session was over.