Class on the 26th of April was heavily focused on practicing for the Little Actor’s upcoming play. Every activity was based around the play and the kid’s individual roles. One fun warm-up game that they played was called, “Role Call”. In this game the kids and Ela all stood in a big circle. The objective of the game was to reassure that every kid new their and their costars roles. Basically, one person had to call out a role while look at the person whose role it is. This person would then have to walk out of his or her current spot and into the spot of the person he or she called. Meanwhile the person whose role was called would have to quickly think of a role and call it out before the person who called him or her walked into their spot. Elimination would occur if the person called out a role after leaving their spot, if a person called out a role without looking at the person or if a person walked into the incorrect spot. It took a few trials before the kids got the hang of it but once they did, they were having the best time every playing it. Once Ela believed they had all their role’s memorized and set, they moved into reading over the skit. During this read-over, Ela helped the kids pronounce the words correctly, use the right expressions and tonality, and try to channel their character as much as they could. The whole class then acted out the last scene of the play twice before class was dismissed.