Class on March 8, 2016 was very energetic and lively. The class began like it usually does and then we went straight into the activities.

Our first activity was “Simon Says” which was suggested by Aina.  Ela yelled out different actions that all related to a certain profession, and the kids had to do it if she started out by saying, “Simon says”. The kids were very involved in this game and enjoyed every second of it. We could have played it for the whole class but we had to continue on to other parts of the lesson.

Once we got the kids full attention, we moved on to the next activity. This was a continuation of the lesson plan from the previous week’s class. This activity included each of the students thinking of a random profession in their head. After they solidified their choice, every other kid would take turns going around asking them a question of what they do. Once any of them got as much clarity as they could, they would go ahead and guess what the profession was. If they got it right, they got a point and if they got a wrong it would be someone else’s turn to guess. This went on until all the professions were discovered and named.

Then came the last activity which was a nice little skit! This included Adria having to play two roles. His main role was as the reporter for a sportscast center we named, “Collage TV”. He had to interview each kid on their profession by asking each of them a series of four different questions. These four questions were: “What is your name?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, Where will you work?”, and “What will you do?”. His second role was as the interviewee so he had to assume the role of his profession. Aina then took the role as the interviewer and asked him questions.

To prepare the kids, we had them first split up into two different groups. Half of them went with Ela and half of them went with me. Ela and I had to help them phrase their answers so that they could be grammatically correct. We had them write each of their answers down into their notebook and then gave them a practice run of the interview. When they were all ready we began the skits. Each interview segment ended with the interviewee acting out their profession which was so creative and adorable. Check them out below :)