The Little Actors had an active and blood pumping day in class on March 15th. Ela had the kids up on their feet for the whole hour and fifteen minutes and they enjoyed it. To start off, the kids began by playing their own version of Marco Polo. One kid would be blindfolded and the rest of the students would have some time to spread out around the class. After a few seconds, the kid with the blindfold would try to find and catch one classmate by listening for movements. Whenever the blindfolded kid would yell, “Trees!” (in place of “Marco”) the other students would have to reply, “Apples!” (in place of “Polo!”). This was to aid the kid in finding and tagging his/her classmate. After a few rounds of this, the kids went on to play hangman but this time Ela was the one who created the word while the kids guessed. After a few guesses, David guessed the word which was, “spring”.

This transitioned into Ela teaching the kids about the climate and what comes with it. They all brainstormed and were able to guess a huge majority of the characteristics that come with Spring. They named things like flowers, rain, sun, bunnies, etc.

After this we moved on to play a game called, “Rabbit in the Rabbit Hole”. It’s a very active game where there are no teams. Basically the purpose of the game is to create a fictional hole by joining hands with another person. Another person then has to duck under into that whole before someone else does. The one left standing outside a hole or not joined hands with another person loses that round. This person then becomes “it” and has to yell, “rabbit in the rabbit hole”. When this is yelled, everyone has to detach and scramble around and form new holes and rabbits with other people. This game allowed the students to work together and learn how to read body language and facial expressions in order for them to join and create the imaginative hole and bunnies.

After this we went on to play “Musical pose” which is very similar to the game, “musical chairs”. Ela would first play a song on YouTube and during this time the kids would be walking around and moving. Once she stopped the song they had to immediately pose as something from the spring. The kids came up with creative ideas like posing as a grasshopper, a log and various other things.

Lastly, to end the class Ela created a mini scavenger hunt where the little actors had to all work together in order to get to there Easter surprise. They had to real aloud the clues they found in English and they go look for the next clue with help from the previous. It was very interesting to witness how much their English has improved. It was evident by the flow and pronunciation of their words as they read their clue notes.