It is about that time again where Summer is finally here! All of our students here at Collage are attending their final classes of the school year. We are going to miss our students during the summer, but we hope that everyone has a great and safe vacation!

Our Little Actors are finalizing their scripts and are performing their shows for an audience! They have worked so hard and their work is paying off. Each show is wrapping up the Space theme of the season by performing shows all about aliens and outer space.


Our Little Faces have talked a lot about the moon and different things that you would find in Outer Space. They have created many outer space objects. Some of these crafts include an alien UFO, a telescope, and even some underpants to tie into the story “Alien’s Love Underpants” that was read in class!

alien spaceship project

However, the fun does not stop here! We offer summer camp classes to continue learning english in the most enjoyable and creative ways! Sign up now to join the fun!