Who, What, When, Where, Why, How: March 29, 2016

Today in class we focused on the five w’s. Ela wrote them all down on the board then explained each of them individually. After the kids understand each term and could relate it to a similar word in Spanish, she went on to test them on their new knowledge. Each student would have to choose one of the words and then use it to form a question. After they form a question, a different student would then have to answer the question correctly and then choose a different term to form a question with.

When this activity was over, the kids split up into two groups of three. Each group was then instructed to write each word on separate pieces of paper. When they were done they all walked to the back of the room in their respective groups on either the left or right side of the room.

Ela then would say a sentence in a format like so, ” {blank} is that person over there?” The kids  had to pick the right term  from their sheets of paper to fill in the blank word and then run up to the class to show Ela. If they got it right their team got a point, if they got it wrong they could get three more tries.

After this activity, the kids moved on to create a fun little rendition of the Little Red Riding Hood. They split into groups of two and then memorized and practiced the lines Ela wrote down on the board for the skit. When they were done rehearsing, the lines were erased from the board and each group performed in front of the class. Below you will find the lovely work the kids created: