In class on the 12th of April, the kids had a review of the prior weeks class. They started off by playing a little game they created as a class named, “Letters”. In this game Ela yells out any number from one to five. Each number signifies a different action like jumping or walking or freezing. After the kids commit the action, Ela proceeds to shout out a letter. The kids must then immediately pose as anything that begins with that letter and then say what they are. They really seem to enjoy this game and they come up with the most creative things.

After a few rounds of this activity, the class then sat in a circle and reviewed the lesson from the previous week. They brushed up on different ways to describe someone like talking about their hair, eyes, height, etc. Ela went around the circle asking the students to describe certain physical traits of their classmate. She asked questions like, “Is her/his hair curly, wavy or straight?” to assist them. Once the kids got the hang of it and actively participated, we moved forward to the office skit Ela created.

This skit centered around a secretary and his/her boss having a discussion on the person who came to visit the boss earlier in the day. The boss was not there to see the person so the secretary had to receive a message. The secretary was then forced to describe how the person looked to the boss when he/she came in to work. It was a very humorous skit that ended in the boss realizing that the missed visitor was his/her mother. The kids did a great job with enunciating their words and playing their respective roles. Below are a few pictures taken while the kids were presenting their skits:

IMG_9647 IMG_9644 IMG_9649