Hello everyone! My name is Gabrielle Dodson and I am studying abroad here in Barcelona, Spain. I am a twenty year old Communication and Public Health major and a Spanish minor at the University of Arizona in the United States. During my few months here, I will be volunteering with the Dynamic English group! I will be posting weekly about the different subjects and activities we are doing in class! Below is a picture of me. (I am the girl on the right.)

Last Wednesday in class, we focused on turning sea water into drinking water. We began the class by separating the students into two groups of three, Ela worked with one group and I worked with the other. The students completed a worksheet where they had to match a word in English to the correct picture. Some of these words included, industries, fertilizer, sewage waste, and more. After completing the worksheet, we discussed how we, as individuals, can prevent these environmental issues from occurring. A few of the ideas were throwing trash away/not littering, turning off the sink while brushing your teeth, and picking up trash on the beach.

Next,  the students watched a video of a 13 year old girl teaching them how to turn sea water into drinking water. After the video, the students wrote down what materials were used in the video and how exactly to change the water. Below are photographs of the writings the students completed.







For the last activity of the day, we turned unclean water into clean water ourselves. Below are photographs of that activity!

DSC_1790 DSC_1799